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06 October 2011

Alexandra Cojocaru

Age: 30

Country: Czech Republic


I'm happy that I worked with such a great recruiter…


From the my recruiter offered me her support and she gave me all the information about the job description, the relocation and about the employer.

She kept in touch with me all the time in the recruitment process and also after I started the work at my new position.


She offered me materials for being well prepared at the interviews (some material for the interview and also for the technical questions) and she offered me her support for any questions that I had. I'm happy that I worked with such a great recruiter.



06 October 2011


Age: Not Disclosed

Country: Czech Republic, Brno


…with her help, I could start a new life :)…



I am getting on very well; at the beginning I had some difficulties. But, every beginning is difficult. I've already started working as an advisor, and today was my very first full-time day. Still have to learn so many things :) Czech Republic and Brno is wonderful. I have finally found my own peace :) I really hope that the company will be satisfied with my performance and my knowledge :)


I am very very satisfied that I had such a great opportunity meeting my recruiter. I have to say that I never received such a great guidance and help from any recruiter before. During my recruitment process, I received all the information always immediately. She was very very helpful and friendly, and she kept cheering me up all the time. Back then I had a very difficult time, and with her help, I could start a new life :)




Sontag Dorothea Helga  

Country: Czech Republic

First of all I would like to tell you that I am doing well and that I am very happy because of the opportunity you gave me to work for your client.

To be honest, you helped me a lot with precious advice and motivated me along the way. This is the main reason why I got this job. Thank you very much for that!

Through the service you delivered to me, I proudly say that the company you represent, i.e. mgi recruitment was exactly the helpful hand I needed to make a change for the better in my career. I would gladly recommend mgi recruitment to everyone who wants to make a change in their career and life.

Without your motivation and help I wouldn't be a satisfied employee today. :)

Have a nice evening and best wishes!



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