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29 November 2011

Camelia Maria Toderan

Age: 29

Country: Greece, Athens

I wish them all the best from (still) sunny Greece :) …

Everything is fine now. I am doing my best and I hope I can improve my performance, as contracts are being renewed on a monthly basis so far. The team is great and the workplace is at 5 minutes walking from my place :) (Which is a big coincidence, considering how big Athens is).

I have been thinking of emailing mgi recruitment for a while now, to thank them again for all of his support. I spoke with my friend Christophe about them and we both concluded that they have greatly supported both of us and we are very grateful for that.


I would like to keep mgi recruitment posted and thank them for everything. I wish them all the best from (still) sunny Greece :)


22 December 2011

Alena Pantos

Age: 25

Country: Athens, Greece


Even after my hiring and almost three months of employment I still talk with Rajesh…


As you have probably heard, the situation here in Greece is not the very best at the moment and after a few years in demoscopical research in a Greek Company in a greatly unprofessional environment I decided it was time to get going and look for another employment. I was quite sure it would not be easy and started searching the web for any opportunities. I applied to mgi recruitments client directly as a German Speaking Store Advisor and also to mgi recruitment as well. I got a call from them and they asked me a few things about myself and my working experience. I also passed a little test on my German and they promised me to help me out. After just a few minutes they called me back and told me, that the openings had already been filled but they would come back to me as soon as there was something new available.


I was kind of sad because it seemed like such a great opportunity and I didn’t expect there to be any new openings anytime soon. After 2 or 3 days I got a call from their client and they invited me for a first interview. I went there and took a few tests regarding my language and computer skills and was accepted for a second interview with the department manager right away. That went quite well as well and I was hired immediately.


On my second day of unpaid training I was asked to come to HR Department and was told that mgi recruitment had communicated with them and that due to my application via mgi recruitment my gross monthly income would be raised about 120 Euros. That means about 100 Euros more in my pocket each month, which is kind of a big deal to me since it makes more than 10% of my actual income.


Even after my hiring and almost three months of employment I still talk with mgi recruitment from time to time and I was delighted by their interest. Aside from the better income and the fast finding of a new job, what I will always remember from my experience with mgi recruitment is the friendly communication and the personal interest the employees took in my case. Something like this is so rare these days and should be greatly appreciated. I am really happy with having dealt with you and would definitely recommend you to the people I care about.



January 13th 2012


Age: Unknown

Country: Greece


…I felt pampered and encouraged to go on…


It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that I received recently a call from HR department of mgi recruitments client about my successfully finalized job application! I have been approved for the position Customer Support with Bulgarian and Russian language for a leading mobile phone company.


Allow me to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the way mgi recruitment guided me and helped me during the procedure of job application. It is not the first time I am applying for a job abroad using the services of Recruitment Company and believe me I was really impressed a lot with the service of mgi recruitment and my recruiters service particularly. They took me trough all steps carefully and with attention to every detail. I felt pampered and encouraged to go on.Their job was for me a pure example for the recruitment company who really cares about its clients and helps them all the way until the successful final.


Once again thank you and I wish you all the best! I am going to recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues.


27 January 2012

Christophe Clevy

Country: Greece



Dear reader,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christophe CLEVY, I am French but I had to move to Greece, so that meant also to look for a job in that country in order to keep being able to live there.

As you may know, to found a job in Greece is not as easy as the idea itself. So I decided to look in websites about job offers, and there is where I found mgi recruitment, a company that could assist me finding a job. In my case I needed a job as fast as possible, so I opted for use my languages as primary skills (French, Spanish and English).

I wasn't really expecting an answer in short time, but my biggest surprise was that 2 hours after I sent my CV to the website, a recruitment consultant, contacted me. Not only he was professional but also very kind, very helpful and always motivating me to do my best and to don't be nervous about the interview or the job itself, "wonderful man" as he was described by a colleague that got recruited at the same time as me by the same agent.

mgi recruitment not only offered me the job opportunity in Greece as an but also sent me by email all the needed information about the company, which really helped me to prepare myself for the interview, but also sent me all what I needed to know about the lifestyle in Greece, like prices of the hotels, prices of all the means of transport, prices of the most common food and drinks in the supermarket, and also an average price of the beers, great uh? ^_^

Well, as I mentioned before I got a job in a French team, which was very interesting. Even if you need to have a very flexible schedule for this kind of job, the lifestyle in Greece allow you to exploit your spare time in a nice way, go to touristic places, bars, restaurants, clubs or simply stay in home playing video games XD.

So as whole overall opinion about mgi recruitment, I can say that I was and still being very satisfied and I would love to work again with them since it was my best experience looking for jobs.


23rd February 2012


Age: 22

Country: Athens, Greece

My name is Liban Hashi I am 22 years old and  I’m a computer technician from Norway.  I have 4 years of IT support experience where I have worked in the support departments of Trend Micro, Microsoft, Norwegian Hydro and Joint.

I felt that mgi recruitment would be the best company to properly progress my career so that I could get Career progression opportunities in a big outsourcing company

I am relocating from Norway to Athens, Greece.

I found out that I wanted to work overseas I then did some research on the internet after an International recruitment company. I found that mgi recruitment was the best recruitment agency company to progress my career in the right direction


Very good feeling from mgi recruitment from the first day, professional handling of sensitive information, information provided in real time  Special thanks go out to the very well mannered and perfectly professional recruiter that was assigned to me, After assistance in getting a new job as IT technician.

If any would ask me about my experience and if I am happy with mgi recruitment services: Yes indeed very happy with the assistance provided in requiring work. The service provided by the recruitment consultant was nothing but a dream.

I would actually recommend mgi recruitment to everyone that I know!!!

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