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29 November 2011

Josef Pejov

Age: 35

Country: Holland, Maastricht


If you have any doubt about moving you should stop doubting….


My experience of working with mgi recruitment was very positive. mgi recruitment prepared me before my interview and gave me some tips that I should think about during the interview. Thanks to their help I now work in Maastricht and I work for one of the worlds leading technology brands.


I work in a modern facility and everything is well organized. I have only good words to say about my colleagues and supervisors. Especially the supervisors, they have shown great patience with new people. At the beginning, I was a little bit insecure on the phone but after a few nice chats with my supervisor, along with practicing and training, I now feel secure in what I do. I live two stations from work in a place called Meerssen. I have a roommate who is the best roommate I can imagine. He has helped me a lot in the beginning and now. If you have any doubt about moving here you should stop doubting. Netherlands and Maastricht is a beautiful place to live and work. I don’t regret it for a second.


25 November 2011

Andreas K. Antonopoulos

Age: N/A

Country: Holland, Maastricht


…fifteen minute drive you can change three different countries…


Literally caught in my sleep at the first contact!


I would never have believed that an employment agency would be so attentive to their potential candidates. I mainly worked with one recruiter in particular whose professionalism with a personal touch was unparalleled.


The secret of success for mgi recruitment is that they treat their candidates with respect and they involve you in the process in a way that you stop looking for a job and start building a long professional relationship with the company.


Currently living and working in Maastricht with a new challenge in my professional career. Maastrich is a beautiful city that even if it does not please you (which I doubt) it is so conveniently located that in a fifteen minute drive you can change three different countries and for the multilingual candidate that is a real experience as in the same day you can speak Dutch, German and French. Hope you are ready for such a challenge.


My tip would be to realize that mgi recruitment is a partner that you can build a long relationship and once you have proven yourself I can assure you that you will never be out of work as they will make sure of it.


19 October 2011

Miss Antoinette Messi Edzoa.

Age: 40+

Country: Netherlands, Maastricht City


I have to pinch myself and read the job offer over and over again. Yes Marie! You did it!....

It's an honour and a pleasure for me to write about one of the smartest minds. She is the most down to earth Managing Director this country has ever got. I applied to more than 1000 companies and none of them came back to me like she did.

The recruiters have an excellent gut. they knew I was the one. I still can't believe this is happening to me.

I have to pinch myself and read the job offer over and over again. Yes Marie! You did it!
It was hard; It was painful, some days I cried. But I kept on fighting. Today I am rewarded. They gave me my life back and a brand new future. It took me exactly 2 years and 7 months to cross the path of the best recruiter ever: mgi recruitment I feel so blessed.  Many thanks!

On the behalf of all the candidates you have recruited, let me say: Great job guys!
You have a universal vision in recruitment. That is why you guys will always be the best recruitment ever. All the good you are doing for us jobseekers will always come back to you a billion times.

May the Light of the Universe always be with you wherever you are



09 October 2011

Simone Mendo

Age: 25

Country: Holland ,Maastricht


She was always at my disposal with regard to any question I had….

Throughout the entire recruitment process my recruitment agent displayed great kindness, yet remained very professional. Moreover, she ensured that I was informed about everything in relation to the job position I applied for. She was always at my disposal with regard to any question I had. I could just call her and she would answer my question. Or if there was any change she would immediately contact me through phone or email.


What I found truly particular was her ability to make you feel at ease when talking to her. She was very helpful, encouraging and motivating. All in all, mgi recruitments service to me during the recruitment process could not have gone any better.



16 June 2011

Florent Frantz

Country: Netherlands

Yes thank you very much, everything is going alright!

My job is in the best company I ever worked for. Training was great, my job now is ok as well, really good working environment and nice management. Some days it is really busy but some other I have also lots of free time :)

So I have to thank you once again, because you trusted in me the first. Thanks for that!

mgi recruitment, I hope everything is going well for you. J


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