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28 November 2011 (keep last name out)


Age: 19

Country: Ireland, Belfast


I found a great house which I'm sharing with two colleagues (friends!)…


My experience with mgi recruitment has been outstanding. I received a great service, support and all necessary information that I needed for moving abroad. mgi recruitment recruited me to a wonderful company. They helped me prepare for the interviews and gave me answers to all of my questions. It's also very nice that they keep in touch from time to time asking me how it is going. 


Working my company has been nothing but amazing. I have never had a better job and I see my colleagues as very good friends. I have signed up for Management training at my company so that I can become a manager, so they have great development plans for their employees too. 


Life in Belfast is really fun. I found a great house which I'm sharing with two colleagues (friends!). I never get bored here because there's always something to do. I mostly spend my free time with people from work, like going bowling or to get a coffee or a pint.


Again, many thanks to mgi recruitment for helping me get this job.


November 16th 2011


Country: Ireland, Belfast

I've been exploring the nightlife in Belfast on the weekends….

Everything is good. I like my job and I've met a bunch of nice people during these few weeks. I found an apartment a few days after I came here, although I'm hopefully going to move to another one in the beginning of next month because 285+bills are a bit too much for just one room. I'm looking for a new place with a Norwegian friend.

I've been working long days this week because they are paying double for overtime this week so I'm taking full advantage of that. I'm working a total of 70 hours this week :D

Also, I've been exploring the nightlife in Belfast on the weekends, it seems like a fun city from the fuzzy memories I have. Definitely a lot of bars here!

Anyways, everything is going very good. Thank you for all your help during the interview and relocation process! If you ever happen to come to Belfast, call me and I'll buy you a drink :)


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