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24 November 2011

Gwendolin Strunk

Age: 27

Country: Romania, Brno


I’m already spending my free time with them..:) And Brno is a fantastic city….



mgi recruitment contacted me 5 minutes after I uploaded my CV on mgi recruitment; it was really nice to talk with my recruiter. He introduced himself and explained to me all the important things and answered all my questions regarding the new job and he always contacted me as soon as he had some new information.


I like my new job, it’s a new challenge for me and my colleagues are gorgeous. I’m already spending my free time with them..:) And Brno is a fantastic city.


For me it was definitely a good decision to work with mgi recruitment and if some of my friends would like to work in a foreign country I would recommend mgi recruitment!


02 June 2011


Age: Not Disclosed

Country: Romania, Cluj-Napoca

Today was my first day in my new position. My new colleagues were very friendly and helpful and I have to say that I am very excited about my new position.

I want to thank mgi recruitment again for all their help, professionalism and the extraordinary level of care you treated my recruiting process with.

01 August 2011

Silvia Tanasescu


Country: Romania, Bucharest


I signed the contract Monday, 25th of July, a client of mgi recruitment. I am really glad for the opportunity I have to work and speak Norwegian. And on top of everything, I even earn more money.


Thank you mgi recruitment for giving me the chance, for all the support and guidance I received from you! I wish you the best of success in everything you do!


January 11th 2012

Iordanis Athanasiadis

Country: Romania


Since mid September 2011 I have enjoyed my new job in Romania, which I found through mgi recruitment. mgi recruitment led and supported me successfully through a long distance recruitment process in a foreign country. The vacancy on the internet was published by mgi recruitment and I was attracted from the beginning and eventually I got the job. Specifically, the vacancy's description matched exactly with my new employment environment and my employer has provided to me good relocation package/support, excellent training and the opportunity for further progress.



August 8th 2011

Cristian Rosu

Country; Romania


After the second day of work at my new job, I thought to write to you a few lines to let you know how the work it's going along.


First of all, I am HAPPY !!!!!!!!!! because of the international environment (people here speak lots of languages), I am happy because I get to learn interesting and complex things about computers, e-mail, servers and so on, I am happy because of this environment with young, modern and civilized people, I am happy because everywhere you look it's clean and arranged in details.


What else should I say .... every minute spent there gives me pleasure and makes me happy.  Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Smile


January 3rd 2012

Isa B

Country: Romania, Brno

Starting life in a new country is difficult but the people at my new job, especially the HR team help me so much in sorting all the paperwork, i.e. opening a bank account and even where's what here in Brno. Most of the people I started the training with are very helpful also and I have to say that Brno is such a beautiful city! I am sorting mostly everything out this week, of what's left to be honest. Flat, medical check and register at the foreigner's police office.

But all in all, I am enjoying the change of scenery a lot.

November 25th 2011


Country: Romania


I'm doing fine, actually doing great :)  Not once in doubt if I made the right choice to come here. Beautiful country, beautiful city, people are diverse and great. Work is going ok as well, still enjoying it every day, colleagues are super. So for now not much to complain about :)) Winter is coming to town, so let's see how things turn out here when it's freezing :p 

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