Case Studies

The MGI Recruitment Process

We work very closely with our clients and over the years we have completed many successful projects for them. These case studies highlight some of the stages we go through to make sure we always find the perfect candidates for our clients. For confidentiality reasons we don't name clients.

French Speakers with specific skill sets


"16 positions within 7 days"


This case study details how mgi recruitment assisted in the multilingual recruitment needs of a leading global business process outsourcing company between July and September 2010. 

Recruitment Requirements

We were asked to provide additional assistance with their multilingual recruitment needs for a dynamic multimedia campaign with a leading IT company.

They required 12 customer service representatives to work in France with very specific skill sets that included (formatted properly by web designer):

  • Native French speakers with basic English (proficiency / comprehension of written and spoken language verified by test)
  • Good PC skills with strong knowledge of Internet Search Engines and experience with Microsoft Office.
  • Exceptional communication and problem solving skills
  • Ability to assess and fulfil customer needs
  • Sales experience
  • Willing to relocate

mgi recruitment’s response

We conducted research to gain an in-depth understanding of the core values of the company and our marketing team set about advertising the position throughout Europe. An account manager was appointed to the project with 8 experienced recruiters to assist them in sourcing the best candidates for the roles. 

Recruitment process

Following responses from the successful advertising campaign, we began the initial screening process in order to determine the most suitable candidates and make the recruitment process as efficient as possible for our client. 

Stages of the screening process:

  • In depth phone interview with an experienced mgi recruiter
  • Detailed interview notes and suitable candidate CVs sent to client
  • CV and interview tracker spread sheet put in place to ensure smooth flow of communication

Interview process

Once they had received the CVs of the shortlisted candidates, the client concluded a final comprehensive telephone interview with the candidates themselves.

Once the successful candidates had been identified, we got in touch with them and from then on the client spoke the successful candidates directly. 

Recruitment Outcome

  • 24 CVs were sent to the client the same day as requested
  • 17 interviews were conducted
  • 15 offers were made

Additional Roles 

Due to our quick response on this project, the client also asked us to source 4 Italian customer service representatives. 

  • The same recruitment process was followed
  • We filled the 4 Italian roles within 3 working days

Client Testimonial

We used the multilingual services of mgi recruitment and I can recommend them with confidence. The turnaround times on any of our requests were never more than a couple of hours and they always providing perfectly matched and immediately available candidates. We were able to fill 16 positions within 7 days of our initial conversation, which was an incredible result. I look forward to working with them in the future.

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