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Deirdre Meghen
Managing Director

Deirdre founded Meghen Group Ltd (MGI) in 2000 leading it to become the largest legal recruitment firm in Ireland before changing the focus of the business in 2008 to become a leading international consultancy to the largest progressive BPOs and ITOs in the world. Since focusing on the multilingual market, Meghen Group Ltd has become a leading agency specialising in international recruitment.

To contact Deirdre please email DeirdreM@mgirecruitment.com

Sandra Brito
Recruitment Manager

Sandra joined Meghen Group Ltd in April 2013 as a Recruitment Consultant. Sandra quickly excelled in recruitment and became the Recruitment Manager of MGI.

Sandra’s responsibilities include managing and leading the recruitment team, in addition to training and developing the team as a single unit.

Sandra brought her vast international experience to MGI after working in Portugal and China.

To contact Sandra regarding recruitment opportunities please email

Ana Diaz
Recruitment Team Leader

Ana joined Meghen Group Ltd in March 2013 after moving from Spain and is the Recruitment Team Leader of MGI.

In addition to assisting in managing the recruitment team, Ana is the leading Account Manager in the company. Her passion to meet client’s expectations, in addition to helping both her team and candidates, has resulted in Ana becoming a vital and valued asset to MGI.

To contact Ana regarding recruitment please email AnaD@mgirecruitment.com

Mylene Vigna

HR Manager

Mylene joined Meghen Group Ltd in August 2015 as HR Manager.

Her responsibilities include all HR functions and people operations. Mylene has over three years’ experience as a HR Manager for an industrial group in France. In addition, Mylene also has experience in recruitment and communications.

Mylene aims to maximize the development of each employee’s potential and to work in a multicultural environment which promotes diversity.

To contact Mylene regarding HR matters please email MyleneV@mgirecruitment.com

Lorraine Reynolds
Finance Manager

Lorraine joined Meghen Group Ltd in July 2013 as company Finance Manager.

Her responsibilities include all financial accounting functions and management of associated staff.

Lorraine has over twenty five years’ experience in accounting and finance and she has played an intrinsic role in the development and growth of Meghen Group Ltd over the last two years.

To contact Lorraine regarding financial matters please email

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